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As a primary care clinic, the Holistic Health Help (HHH) has remained open to assist you with your healthcare needs. We are offering telemedicine visits (strongly recommended), as well as in-office visits. If you are scheduled for a telemedicine visit and wish to be seen in-office, call our front desk to make this change.

If you have an in-office visit, you must following these requirements: 

If you need a prescription refill from a pharmacy, please contact that pharmacy directly. If you need supplements from our dispensary, please contact our office. We also have an online supplement store which has most of the items found in our in-house dispensary. You may find it helpful to reference our blog for more information on COVID-19 and vaccinations.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with excellent care.

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Vitamin B can be helpful for a number of ailments including fatigue, brain fog, insomnia and mood imbalance. If you and your provider think that this is the right option for you, try one of our injections!

Body Compositions

When standard measurements aren't enough, body composition analysis provides evaluation of body fat versus lean mass and water retention.

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